Who we are

Simmered out of the passion to elevate brands, drive conversations and build stronger relationships, Stewdio aims to partner with businesses that share the same vision.

We bring together a cloud network of seasoned industry professionals from all facets of advertising and marketing, including strategists, creative thinkers, designers, technology experts and social media professionals. When we partner with you, we bring forth holistic strategy and solutions that create an integrated and cohesive customer journey.

What we believe in

We constantly strive for more

We don’t compromise - on our work, our clients or our creative partners. We go to great lengths to ensure that our clients and partners are satisfied with the relationship they share with us, the quality of services or opportunites offered and the results of the outcome.

We value people

We believe in mutual respect. Our creative teams and strategists are not our vendors, they are our allies in growth. Our clients are our equal partners and we believe that we contribute to their growth just as much as they contribute to ours.

We keep up our commitment

We respect time. Both ours and yours. We don’t lapse on our timelines, and ensure that our clients and partners understand that good work takes good time.

We drive results

You understand your category and brand, we understand digital. When working as a team, we assure you the best possible talent, communication strategy and great results, tailored to suit your audiences and business needs across platforms.

The partners

Stewdio was formed as a result of two minds coming together with the intent to transform the way in which brands interact with customers. Their understanding of digital, ability to apply this knowledge across business categories, experience in online and offline media and network of seasoned industry professionals is what enables Stewdio to take brands to greater heights.

During their previous stints, partners and co-founders Asha and Priyanka have played pivotal roles in managing digital mandates for brands like Britannia, Fastrack, Heineken, IBM, Kingfisher Buzz, Lenovo, Mia by Tanishq, Van Heusen, Tanishq and Zoya.

With over 20 years of combined experience, they continue to strive towards the singular goal of connecting brands with their audience, across channels, mediums, categories and industries.